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 Troy Alexander

Good evening Brothers. I’m Icebreaker VP of the Austin Tx chapter “ Chosen Few”. On behalf of our President Gungnir and our SAA Ramchop, I want to say we are honored to be a part of the Iron Legacy Nation and look forward to meeting our Brothers near and far. See you’ll at Valhalla Bash.

 Mark Ali Bishop

Had a chance to ride out to Jamestown, California from the Bay Area and meet up with the Jamestown Crew for breakfast June 15th. Great bunch of men who took time out to meet me. Thanks, Bigfoot, Sparks, Big Jim and Sausage for your hospitality. Catch you boys in the fast lane, much respect, -Mark Ali Bishop

 Lowell D Nelsen

My Brother-in-law Butter Bean from the Dublin Chapter passed away on his bike last week. During the memorial and celebration of life was the first time I had observed the club, I was impressed by the members that showed up. Thank you for who you are.


A big thank you to NOMAD STASH for answering all my questions yesterday. I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and thank all the service men and women past and present for all that you do. I am forever grateful.

 Mark Hamm

Me and a couple of my buddies went on a charity poker run last weekend with the New Port Richey Fl. chapter.
They were very considerate, and kind to us. we all had a great time. I was Evan fortunate enough to meet and talk with their International president, Izod.
I think I was invited to return as they told me they had what they called a " civilian" night which was on Saturday.
They even allowed me to do some recording for my you tube channel. ( just not inside the clubhouse.)
The fact that they represent themselves as a law abiding motorcycle club, to me is awesome. I have been around and am familiar with the 1%er mc's. definitely not something i was interested in.
I will be going back and "hang around" with these guys again, ( if i am allowed.)


Good to see a club that is all about Brotherhood and riding.

 Terry Foret

Hi Im prospect terry from the Houma La Chapter Sp Docaholic known as the ILMC Rougarou crew .I just want to say it was my first time at the regional and I had a blast I was Fortunate to work with patch holder Bama in the bar serving the patch holders and the prospects serving them drinks. I seen the brother love for one another ,everyone was kind and showed respect no one gave us jobs to do if they wouldn't do themselves .well with that said im glad they let me hang around and then let me prospect in the Houma La chapter and work my way up to be a pat path holder and then to call them Brothers! I could have join a 1% club but chose not too .... I waited 30 years for a club like this and with closing I say One For All And All For One !!!! Got To Love it !!! Prospect terry Houma La Chapter Sp Docaholic ROUGAROU CREW God Bless .....


Lookin forward to the ride. Stay safe out there Brothers.

 Robert E. Chase

I met a couple of your members at the TA in Wildwood, FL. We had a nice conversation and I was very impressed. Ride on Bros.

 Mary B.

From a Veteran sister to all of my brothers. Thank you for what you do to help the communities!

 Bobby Johnson

A motorcycle club that just wants to ride motorcycles together, have fun, not be involved in illegal activities and has strong core values. Sounds great!!

 Jim Harkins

Once again I need to write to say thank you to Bently and the Peabody, MA chapter! I had mentioned to them that the Peabody Cops for Kids With Cancer Marthon Team was hosting a Chicken Wing Cookoff last night and I was hoping that a couple of members might show up. I was blown away when more than 25 members gave up their Saturday night to attend our fundraiser. They not only attended but they also bought a ton of raffle tickets and even bought some silent auction items. Any time we have a fundraiser, I know I can count on Bently to get a crew together to represent the club. This group has made amazing strides to change the "Biker" stereotype.
Thank you,
Sergeant Jim Harkins
Peabody, MA Police Department

 Jeffrey Rubenbauer

To all Brothers/members of Iron Legacy, I would like to thank you all for the outpouring of condolences on my Fathers passing and the attendance of the local chapters Brothers and Sisters at his Memorial.
Raymond A. Rubenbauer (Ray Dawg? Connecticut) was my Father. Words alone cannot express the depth with which he will be missed. It was a beautiful tribute and an honor to meet the members who turned out. Thank you for everything!
I hope we'll run into each other on the road.


It is amazing what you have done. No asking permission. The way it should be. These other clubs bow to protocols that never existed back in the day. You have the right spirit. Never stop. If I ever join a club it will be one like you guys. One with real balls.

 Elaine Drace

Thank you ILMC Southwest for your kindness and generosity in remembrance of my husband (Raven's Stepfather), It has touched my heart and is greatly appreciated.

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