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 Amanda S

Ran into a group of your Brothers and their hearts this past weekend while traveling home from a Soccer tournament with my 11 year old son. I have always encouraged my kids that if they feel comfortable, to approach others and ask questions, we have had some amazing conversations with some interesting folks. He was interested in your Brothers' bikes, and wanted to wait for them to finish breakfast at the restaurant so he could talk to them about the bikes. The group came pouring out, talking about gassing up their bikes, laughing at who got the best and worse gas mileage and went to their bikes. My son, who is amazingly fearless, walked up and asked them if they could answer a few questions for him about their bikes and vests and patches. They took the time to talk with him, answer his questions. I was raised that everyone is important, and that most of the time, fear and prejudice is spawned from ignorance. So have taught my boys that if they don't understand or have questions, it's ok to ask or research to figure things out. I just wanted to tell you all that I appreciate the time they took to talk to him, thank you for being a shining light in this world that has grown so dark with hate and drugs and fear that our kids are forced to navigate as they grow in to adults. He not only met some of your Brothers and Hearts this weekend, he met some new heroes. Afterwards, all he could talk about was rebuilding his own bike, and when is he going to get a bike bigger than his little 50cc dirt bike, and how cool it would be if one of those guys was related to him, and how nice the Hearts were, and how they had made a family with friends like we have, and that there are more than one meaning to the word "family". Thank you all for what you do, for what you stand for. This momma appreciates all of it....

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I was in a bind and kid you not when I say this group saved what could’ve domino’d into a really, really difficult situation. Within minutes of reaching out to Bruin, help was on the way. A gentleman named Curb met me exactly where I was at to help. We resolved the issue quickly and I was able to get back on my way. I had never met Curb before, and yet he was willing to help a total stranger, immediately. This group of bikers is a family, comprised of some of the most upstanding, respectful and respectable humans I’ve ever encountered. They’re selfless, gritty, deeply kind, and get the job done. I cannot express my gratitude enough toward Bruin, Curb and Ihop. Thank you.

 Dream Ride Team

Thank you to all your support to the Dream Ride Experience!

 John Rumsey

This past Sunday they put on an incredible ride for the Special Olympics from Boston Harley Davidson all the way up to Sea Coast Harley Davidson, the ride was incredible and well planned, and all of the members were very respectful. This past Sunday they put on an incredible ride for the Special Olympics from Boston Harley Davidson all the way up to seacoast Harley Davidson, the ride was incredible and well planned, and all of the members were very respectful. Turkey amazing people, and do great things for people in need

 Noah Robinson

Met Shine and so many more of your brothers and sisters at Falcon Fury, Conyers Ga. Speaking to all of the full patch members and even a couple prospects we found y’all to all be polite and good people. I would just like to thank y’all for a great time not only from myself and my family. Can’t wait to met y’all later on the road I would be honored to ride with y’all.

 Irene Winter/ Danielleholmesyagjian Foundation

Wanted to give a big thank you the Iron Legacy for attending our run ever year and for stepping up this year to be road guards... since plans fell through with the local police. Every year they attend and bring more bikes. We are a small foundation but we do good work please read our website www.danielleswish.org......., thank you for all you do to help us

 Troy Alexander

Good evening Brothers. I’m Icebreaker VP of the Austin Tx chapter “ Chosen Few”. On behalf of our President Gungnir and our SAA Ramchop, I want to say we are honored to be a part of the Iron Legacy Nation and look forward to meeting our Brothers near and far. See you’ll at Valhalla Bash.

 Mark Ali Bishop

Had a chance to ride out to Jamestown, California from the Bay Area and meet up with the Jamestown Crew for breakfast June 15th. Great bunch of men who took time out to meet me. Thanks, Bigfoot, Sparks, Big Jim and Sausage for your hospitality. Catch you boys in the fast lane, much respect, -Mark Ali Bishop

 Lowell D Nelsen

My Brother-in-law Butter Bean from the Dublin Chapter passed away on his bike last week. During the memorial and celebration of life was the first time I had observed the club, I was impressed by the members that showed up. Thank you for who you are.


A big thank you to NOMAD STASH for answering all my questions yesterday. I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and thank all the service men and women past and present for all that you do. I am forever grateful.

 Mark Hamm

Me and a couple of my buddies went on a charity poker run last weekend with the New Port Richey Fl. chapter.
They were very considerate, and kind to us. we all had a great time. I was Evan fortunate enough to meet and talk with their International president, Izod.
I think I was invited to return as they told me they had what they called a " civilian" night which was on Saturday.
They even allowed me to do some recording for my you tube channel. ( just not inside the clubhouse.)
The fact that they represent themselves as a law abiding motorcycle club, to me is awesome. I have been around and am familiar with the 1%er mc's. definitely not something i was interested in.
I will be going back and "hang around" with these guys again, ( if i am allowed.)


Good to see a club that is all about Brotherhood and riding.

 Terry Foret

Hi Im prospect terry from the Houma La Chapter Sp Docaholic known as the ILMC Rougarou crew .I just want to say it was my first time at the regional and I had a blast I was Fortunate to work with patch holder Bama in the bar serving the patch holders and the prospects serving them drinks. I seen the brother love for one another ,everyone was kind and showed respect no one gave us jobs to do if they wouldn't do themselves .well with that said im glad they let me hang around and then let me prospect in the Houma La chapter and work my way up to be a pat path holder and then to call them Brothers! I could have join a 1% club but chose not too .... I waited 30 years for a club like this and with closing I say One For All And All For One !!!! Got To Love it !!! Prospect terry Houma La Chapter Sp Docaholic ROUGAROU CREW God Bless .....


Lookin forward to the ride. Stay safe out there Brothers.

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