Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Honor


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 Jennifer Young

Hey there, just wanted to say Thank you for coming out to Baldwin, Florida to eat at The Country Pride. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and hearing about ALL the good you do for the kiddos. Keep up the great work and prayers with you all. Thanks again, Jennifer

 Darq Psyde

Much Respect!

 Mike Bjorgo

Greetings from Austin, MN
Just waiting for spring!


Respect to everyone and love to all god bless you for everything you do


Full support and respect. Never stop riding.

From Canada ????????

 Dawn Marie Kellar

I wanted to thank everyone for making me feel like I was with family, even thou I had never met anyone there. You all are such and great caring bunch of Gentle Man and Ladies , Never Stop Doing What You Do.


From NY

Really interested in ur beliefs. Ur positive vibes. And the biker lifestyle without the criminality. Spoke 2 outcast about seeing a patch ceremony 2 see brotherhood. Hope 2 hang around.

 Charley Roberts

I got to meet the guys from the Tifton Ga chapter. Great group of bikers. Really hope to hang out again soon.

 James Harkins

I am writing to say a huge thank you to the Peabody Massachusetts Chapter of Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club! I'm a police officer and I first learned of the group when I was working a detail at a local restaurant/bar where a group of the members would frequent. Bentley the Chapter President saw me checking out his vest and immediately came over and introduced himself. Having no knowledge of who or what Iron Legacy was, this was a welcome conversation. Since that night, Bentley, and the other Iron Legacy members have continually supported the Peabody Police fundraising efforts. They have attended and donated to multiple Peabody Cops for Kids With Cancer Boston Marathon Team fundraisers. However, that all fails in comparison to what they did today. Today, they reached out to me to ask how to make a donation to the Peabody Police RAD program. The RAD program is a program taught by the Peabody Police Department to females in the community. This program empowers these women with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves if they were ever to be attacked. I met with them this morning and they presented me with a check for $1,000 to be used towards the purchase of new gear to be used in these classes. I can't thank them enough and the women in the community will benefit for years to come because of their generosity!

 Mark Campbell

So far my story for ILMC is...Slightly short but feels longer. I stumbled across a Facebook page and started to read through posts. I started to really like what I had seen. So I clicked on the Website link and dove in. I took some time and spoke with my girlfriend. I showed her some of what I looked at she immediately loved the colors because she is a Pittsburgh girl. Lol. I put in my info and within that day. I received a Call from Columbia Chapter Pres. And we set a meet place and time. I've been riding with the Guys for a while now and have gotten to know some of them. Participated in the Dream Ride and some other events and thus far it's been my honor to be in the presence of such Big Hearted Good Guys and Gals. ILMC truly stands behind the Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust and Honor. I couldn't imagine finding another MC like these guys have helped to create and maintain. Very Proud Fella Right Here to have taken the next step into being a Full part of this Family.
The things they do to help others is a testament to how a Brotherhood is supposed to be. Giving back to their communities, showing support for Americas Vets, Helping Children, Donating To Awesome Causes along the way. I challenge anyone looking into a Law abiding MC to take a little time contact at the website, take a ride....Meet some ILMC fellas. You won't be disappointed.

 Gary Hayes, Sr.

Wanted to thank you all for being whom you are. All I can see is a club of guys and women that do nothing but good for all. Every member I’ve met have shown nothing but caring for others, including me and my grandchildren. My son and grandson are member in Upton, KY. and I know now they are in good hands with the brothers of the MC they are a part of.

I’d be a member but my health, lungs, legs and heart keep me from joining as a member. But in spirit, I am and ride with you all in mind and soul. To you all, ride long and safe, keep the wind to your backs.

Best wishes and regards, Grandpa Immortal

 Noah V Jimerson

Great ride with the Arizona PV Chapter. Thanks


Ride safe. Keep up the good work. Thank you for what y’all do.

 Darren Erdell

Great ride and after party . For a very good cause . Just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of it ..... looking forward to more great times with you guys

 Mark Chambers

Many months ago my wife and I were at our favorite leather store. My wife wanted a certain patch for her vest,I was looking for what she might want. This patch holder offer to help me look and said she might like that one, she is disabled so I took it outside to see if she like it, she loved it.

Thank You CC-(Cal) God Bless

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