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 Noah V Jimerson

Great ride with the Arizona PV Chapter. Thanks


Ride safe. Keep up the good work. Thank you for what y’all do.

 Darren Erdell

Great ride and after party . For a very good cause . Just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of it ..... looking forward to more great times with you guys

 Mark Chambers

Many months ago my wife and I were at our favorite leather store. My wife wanted a certain patch for her vest,I was looking for what she might want. This patch holder offer to help me look and said she might like that one, she is disabled so I took it outside to see if she like it, she loved it.

Thank You CC-(Cal) God Bless

 Jim Martin

Good Morning,

We are grateful to the members of the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club (Guillotine Crew from Delaware and Maryland)
Over many months in 2019 and in 2020, the Crew led by M-Dog and Tenacious have been working hard to supply hundreds of loaves of bread, lots of clothing, tons on food items and blankets and other provisions to our radical Hospitality program for the homeless, hungry or lonely in Georgetown. The Guillotine Crew helps us to achieve our goals even though our human services program is on a very tight budget. Each week we are giving out over 700 Free Grab&Go Brown Bagged, Ready to Eat, Meals to our homeless, hungry or lonely. We also give out thousands of bottles of water and hundreds of free cups of coffee. We have Free Lunches on Mondays and Thursdays. We have Free Dinners on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We try to help our homeless, hungry or hurting guests in anyway we possibly can in a variety of ways.

We also appreciate the other items that the Guillotine Crew provides to us like blankets and clothing, so we can consistently help our unsheltered neighbors with a clean and dry change of clothes or to give out warm, thick blankets and hoodies in the cold months. This motorcycle club in Laurel, DE is a very caring group and we appreciate them so much. We wouldn't be able to do many of the things we are doing without their help and ?? heart for helping others who need a hand up. The MC Crew also enjoys spending time with us at our program in Georgetown. We are known as "The Shepherd's Office." We have been in operation since December of 2017. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families struggling with poverty and homelessness to connect with our caring community of friends and helpers.

You can learn more about us through following my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/helpinghomeless
There are lots of posts on Facebook about the important donations and help by the Guillotine Crew and many pictures of the amazing work they do for us. You can also view the many fb live Videos of the various guests who reach out across our on-line community for help and support. We call ourselves the "office" because we are only open during the day and early evenings up to 9 pm. We are not an overnight shelter, but we a community resource center for the homeless, hungry or lonely. We offer free WiFi, cell phone charging station, free meals, coffee, water and friendship. We couldn't do all this for our homeless, hungry or lonely guests without the MC Guillotine Crew. A big shout out of thanks and gratitude to Lance and Tammy and the rest of the Iron Legacy MC Guillotine Crew!!! ??????????????????????????

Jim Martin, Director
Shepherd's Office, Inc.
408 N. Bedford Street
Georgetown DE 19947
302 858 8556
302 858 4547
We are a 501c3 non profit organization incorporated in Georgetown, DE.

 Benjamin S.

Iron Legacy,
First off, I wanna let you know that I think your club is phenomenal. The lengths you go to to help others is extraordinary (Especially with the Special Olympics). I am in Colorado and the members here, Speedy, Bronco, and Cash are some good guys. I haven't known them long but if they are a reflection of the rest of the club, I am excited! Even with this COVID-19, they have made themselves available to answer my questions and get to know me. Thanks guys!

 Putnan County Early Learning Center

Dear Iron Legacy MC,
I wanted to take a moment to reach out and share an experience that I encountered with a few members from your Eatonton and Milledgeville Chapter. Putnam County Primary Early Learning Center held a transportation event which showcases multiple forms of transportation. I contacted Cowboy, of Milledgeville Ga, in regards to being a part of our transportation show. Motorcycles are an intricate part of transportation and I knew that kids would absolutely adore this form of transportation. I was completely floored at how respectful, genuine, and kid friendly the club members were with 281 students. Not to mention, that the students were of ages 3-5.
These members, Doc (VP Eatonton Ga Chapter), Maverick (VP Milledgeville Chapter) Fatz( and Michelle), Squidward, Patches, and Tank, paid special attention to students including students with disabilities. Each child was able to explore the motorcycles while learning about them and their special features.
PCPELC expresses gratitude and great appreciation for Iron Legacy MC Eatonton and Milledgeville Chapters. This was a cold and windy event so we want to thank the 6 gentlemen that participated to make this event a success.

 Neenah Animal Shelter

Hello All Iron Legacy MC members who participated in the donation drive for the Animal Shelter:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff and Animals here at the Neenah Animal Shelter-we THANK YOU so much for cruising in last week and dropping off Donations and Supplies! Your donations make a huge difference in the lives of our cats and dogs. We provide a safe place for stray, surrendered and abandoned animals until they can find their permanent homes.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Thank You!

Mary Setton,

NAS Board President


Wish we had a group like this in Missouri. Not many places for a retired hell raiser. Love what you stand for. Ride on, brothers.


Good Morning,

My name is "JD"

I have been hanging around some of your IL guys in Phoenix, Arizona.

I want to say thank you to President "Chuck" and his guys for giving me the opportunity to HANG AROUND.

I also want to thank VP "BACKDOOR" and Sergeant of Arms "STE-ADY" for their time.

I just wanted express my thoughts this morning.

Ride SAFE, Ride Hard


 Tommy De. Moore

I like very much that you do not infringe no restrict a brothers right, like my former club which seems to be moving more towards 1%. (Stroker)


I was in Sonny's the other day eating with my daughter we saw your motorcycle club walk through the door and I have to say I was shocked because things that I had heard throughout my life about motorcycle clubs proved not to be true y'all were very respectful y'all were laughing and having a good time sitting there with your brothers and your women and I realized that basically y'all are just a family pulled together by love or destiny and I wanted to tell you that it was a very good experience for me because it showed me that the horrific things I had been told about motorcycle clubs was not true yeah I'm sure there's been times in y'all's lives where things probably have happened that you wish hadn't happened but the overall picture that I got sitting in Sonny's was a very strong Brotherhood


Good page , ride safe. Any of your brothers in the KC area see one of my guys please approach and introduce yourselves

Chapter P. Goose —- Yellow Jackets MC
Crash Inn Chapter


Yo wazup, I just wanted to let you guys know that I really did what you guys stand for. I am retired LAPD, but I ride with a MM here in Oregon. I pray that you guys are all well, may God bless you.

Ed (Witness)
Warrior of Faith MM
Portland, Oregon Chapter.



I once came out to visit your club in or around Shelbyville and/or on the outskirts of Louisville, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I wished I had stayed and completed the process. If I knew the route back to your clubhouse, and if you would accept me back, I would return immediately.

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