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 Irene Winter

I would like to thank the guys from the Peabody Chapter of the Iron Legacy MC (Old School Crew) who road with the Danielle Holmes Yagjian Foundation on Saturday June 23rd. The weather held off until the end of the run, and all had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Irene WInter/Board Member
Thank you from the Danielle Holmes Yagjian Foundation Board


I met YETI today at Lakeland Harley-Davidson in FL, helluva nice guy, sorry you were having so much trouble with your bike.


I was very impressed with the family atmosphere of a local club, everyone was super friendly and acted like a I was part of their family! Thank to the gang who has my total respect and I honor them!

 Jimi D 3

Great page love the patch and all you stand for ! I’m here in Phoenix Arizona and ride with
Defiant Brotherhood M/C
We too are a law abiding club
Supporting law Enforcement and fire fighters


What a wonderful group. Partnered with Texas Roadhouse in Danvers MA to put on a bike run for Camp Sunshine. We raised just under 5k to send 2 families to camp this summer! We look forward to working with you guys again on future runs! Was even told it was the best ride someone has been on!

Texas Roadhouse Danvers ma


Hey, seen you guys out in the lowell MA area. Heard your president on the lawful biker podcast. Sounds like you have a good group! Ride safe.

 John Simpson

Great Home Page. Many questions answered. Keep it up!

 Johnny Reb

As a former member of the IO, I want to say that I miss what the IO originally was. Glad to see Izod has been able to continue the Legacy. I miss the true brotherhood. Be safe and ride on. I will look forward to a chapter in the upstate of south carolina. Would like to hang around.
Johnny Reb

 Bradley Baker

I want to personally thank the Iron Legacy MC for supporting a ride for my God daughter this past weekend in Asheboro NC. If it had not been for Iron Legacy the ride would not have happened as a lot of the civilian motorcyclist were second guessing riding in the cold rain. The Iron Legacy showed up and were just like soldiers we made the decision to ride and the MC supported us completely. On behalf of the family we cannot that Iron Legacy enough. May our rubber always make contact with the road. I will forever be a supporter of the Iron Legacy MC. Ride hard and live free my Brothers and Sisters..


I had the privilege of meeting some amazing, funny members in Ipswich MA. I learned a lot, was impressed with the brotherhood, the knowledge and skills each of these amazing men shared. And oh did we laugh - - thank you for that! Remain safe & God bless each of you.

 Brandonn Dewayne Young

Stop by to say hi. I'm in Dallas TX. Looking for a good family to be with... You can contact me at youngfamily1818@gmail.com... there I will give you my cell and name... I have been riding for along time.. looking for brotherhood

 Crystal Darlene Shaffer

I love reading post and news about all the great things that all of the local and national MC chapters do for there communities and families. I was driving down the interstate and saw 2 of the Iron Leagacy MC riders. I didn’t see the names on there vest, but I can tell you one thing. They road with pride and they are brothers. I admire that. I wish that I had family like that. Keep inspiring people like me. We need it.

 Jacob "fender" Clark

Best family anyone can ever ask for, love all of my brothers.


I had a chance to meet a chapter in NC and as a law enforcement officer I was welcomed into the the group for conversation. The President and vp welcomed my questions and answered them. I can't start to express the camaraderie I felt conversing with these fellows and their hearts. God bless you guys you know who you are and keep up the good you do.

 Zachary Ritenour

Hi, I'm interested in what you stand for and would like to see if the iron order is for me (and if I'm iron order material as well) however I live in Port St Lucie Florida and have no local chapter to hang around. The values you stand for resonate very strongly with me and I am willing to commute to orlando if that's necessary however if there is another solution please let me know. I'd also love any adivice and information on how to proceed further.

Answer: You have contacted the wrong club. We are not the Iron Order and have zero affiliation with them. We are considered a hostile club to them by the Iron Order current leadership. You may want to go to https://ironordermc.com/. Best of luck with that.

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