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99% Radio Network supports ILMC. Much love for the work that you do for the communities worldwide! You welcome on the show anytime.

ILMC Heart: Pitbull and cohost of 99% Radio


Keep up the good work.


Recently met a lady affiliated with the club. she told me of the brotherhood between members, she told me of the first time she experienced it first hand. A brother went down and with 30 minutes a large group of the club were on their way to support him, no matter what he needed, thats the brotherhood and comradery I miss from my military days. I look forward to meeting the members some day


Thank you IRON LEGACY “Smuckers” from PA for making my sons night!!
The MC stopped by a local Mexican restaurant here in Greensboro, NC and snapped a quick picture with my son! My son won a stuffed animal out of the claw machine, and took it to one of the members that was on crutches and a broken foot. They mentioned doing a ride to raise money for a special needs organization! Y’all are amazing! Thank y'all for making his night! Greensboro, NC

 Heber Perez

I am very happy that I came across some members of your MC while dropping off my bike for service today in Peterson's HD South. I would definitely like to know more about your MC. I already sent you a message through your Contact form, hoping to hear back sooner than later,


I am impressed. I was carded by 2Good from KCKS chapter. You seem to have a great organization.

 Marvin Tripp

Am VNV looking forward to meeting your group of brothers.

 Rick Paulson

MLH&R Gunner. Looking forward to learning more about the club.

 Jeff Jackson

Veteran from Arkansas. Really enjoy seeing what you guys do. I miss the brotherhood in the military. Ride hard and safe.

 William Coble

As a veteran i was very happy to find your website and read about you all. Thank you all for the things you are promoting and desire to bring about, love honesty and honor seem to be lost now days. I have never seen your patch in Washington/Oregon, but some day would like very much to say hello and shake the hand of a patchholder.

 Kirk Mackey

Wanted to say Thank You! Your club was having a get together in Lansing,Ks last night. They welcomed myself and my crew from Fire District 1 of Leavenworth County as we unexpectedly crashed the party lol If the members we meet last night are a reflection of your Club, then I would say you have an amazing club. I wish you all the best! Be safe! Keep the rubber side down!

 Justin Hayes

My wife and I drive truck for a living and ran into a group of your brothers from Texas. They stopped in Oklahoma on their way to Kansas we walked over and visited with them for about 10min. Absolutely great group of people. They rode by us about 20 min later looking sharp on some beautiful bikes. God bless y’all and stay safe.

 Joe Heck

Had a couple of I.L. members go around me in northern Iowa. I appreciated their wave, and they went around me mannerly and with a safe distance. Much appreciated... safe travels riders.

 Mckenzie Dickerson

On July 27, 2023 I had made a Facebook post to a local community page in Pleasant View TN , asking if any riders would pass by my house for my sons 5th birthday. Logged off for a few hours to get back on to an overwhelming amount of volunteers from Iron Legacy MC and local riders. Not only did they just show up for my boy , they had a police escort through town and brought gifts , more.. It’s something he will never forget nor will we as parents. I cannot thank them enough. What an amazing , badass group of people.

 Phil Mckenna

I wanted to pass along some appreciation for your organization. Last week my mother, 75 years old, got a flat tire in Princeton, TX and one of your members blocked traffic, pushed her car into a gas station and changed her tire for her. I was at work and your member had taken care of this prior to me being able to get to her. She doesn't remember his name but remembered the motorcycle name. I can't thank you all enough.

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