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 Mckenzie Dickerson

On July 27, 2023 I had made a Facebook post to a local community page in Pleasant View TN , asking if any riders would pass by my house for my sons 5th birthday. Logged off for a few hours to get back on to an overwhelming amount of volunteers from Iron Legacy MC and local riders. Not only did they just show up for my boy , they had a police escort through town and brought gifts , more.. It’s something he will never forget nor will we as parents. I cannot thank them enough. What an amazing , badass group of people.

 Phil Mckenna

I wanted to pass along some appreciation for your organization. Last week my mother, 75 years old, got a flat tire in Princeton, TX and one of your members blocked traffic, pushed her car into a gas station and changed her tire for her. I was at work and your member had taken care of this prior to me being able to get to her. She doesn't remember his name but remembered the motorcycle name. I can't thank you all enough.


I was in a terrible domestic situation and trying to move myself and my children into a trailer behind a bar here in our town. I was unloading the uhaul with a friend and we went over to the bar when we were done for a quick drink. I was extremely afraid about what could happen next in my situation. I had asked these big biker guys outside if he showed up raging to help keep him from hurting us again. Trunk, the President of the chapter here and his heart Diesel made sure everyone was aware and helped keep myself and the kids safe. We went to their clubhouse and hung out all day for two days in a row. There were so many members, prospects, and hang-arounds even from out of state. Every single one of these beautiful people who had just met us, welcomed us with open arms and were extremely kind and just plain badass making sure we were okay helping us stay out of the domestic situation we ran from. I'm so beyond grateful to your club for being there for my family when no one was. I have never seen so many people come together like that to make sure people actually are protected from something like that. You hear all kinds of bad rep things about MCs from the 1%er clubs, well not this one. You guys definitely make the world a better place. Well, you at least made my little corner of the world way better. This is something I've been trying to get out of for almost 2 years. In the past 2 days I've learned so much and have made amazing new friends. You guys are awesome. Thank you again for everything ??

 Paul Richmond

One of your men said his name was Jimmie not sure his last name saved not only spared mine (64 year old vet) but my ol lades 61 year youbg woman from a long cold rainy night. My victory broke down just south of Morgantown West Virginia and it started to pour the rain down we was on my way back to PA cell phone died and no one was stopping. Not only did he give us a ride to a hotel he offered to come back and haul my bike and refused gas money said he rides and would hope someone would do the same for him someday told me about this club when I asked if he rode with anyone he said he was afiliated with this group so I decided to looked it up and share the good deed this man done for us. Seems like a really good club At 64 that life is far behind me but glad to see good people stil exist. When I go back down that way I’m looking him up and buying that young man a drank

 Robert Carney

Had the great opportunity to have a good , informative and welcoming conversation with Royal recently. Stand up guy to say the least! Hoping to meet him and others in ILMC. Really impressed with everything about the club. For their values,, morals, what they stand for and righteous! I'm Robert Carney from Central Texas and hope one day to be a part of something this great!

 Jesse Arnold

Looking forward to hanging around at some rides and events in my area!

 James Moore

Can’t wait to become a brother, currently a “hang around” but everyone I’ve talked to and interacted with has been amazing.

 Sky Pilot

Respect to those of you who practice these noble principles.

 Aj Johnson

Appreciate the NE Florida Chapter for helping my murdered daughter Joleen’s children at Christmas.


Hello, Lobo from the 912, Birmingham, "Rattlesnake Crew", just stopping by to say hello, and looking forward to riding with my new brothers and sisters. I live in Decatur, retired military, Army. Love riding!

 Fran Kianka

Thank you for honoring the memory of Bob Saget.
Love you always, Bob

 Jonathan Anderson

Met with Prescott and Phoenix members in Queen Creek tonight at San Tan Flats and loved it. Thanks everyone!
Ride Hard!

 Larry Hall

hello from Arkansas


Our Guardians of the Children group had the pleasure of meeting the Treasurer of your group based in Prescott AZ. His generous donation will help us bring back the childhood that so many abused children lose. Again, thank you for what you do. JC, Treasurer, GOC Show Me Midwest


Hello all From Abbotsford BC

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