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 Mary B.

From a Veteran sister to all of my brothers. Thank you for what you do to help the communities!

 Bobby Johnson

A motorcycle club that just wants to ride motorcycles together, have fun, not be involved in illegal activities and has strong core values. Sounds great!!

 Jim Harkins

Once again I need to write to say thank you to Bently and the Peabody, MA chapter! I had mentioned to them that the Peabody Cops for Kids With Cancer Marthon Team was hosting a Chicken Wing Cookoff last night and I was hoping that a couple of members might show up. I was blown away when more than 25 members gave up their Saturday night to attend our fundraiser. They not only attended but they also bought a ton of raffle tickets and even bought some silent auction items. Any time we have a fundraiser, I know I can count on Bently to get a crew together to represent the club. This group has made amazing strides to change the "Biker" stereotype.
Thank you,
Sergeant Jim Harkins
Peabody, MA Police Department

 Jeffrey Rubenbauer

To all Brothers/members of Iron Legacy, I would like to thank you all for the outpouring of condolences on my Fathers passing and the attendance of the local chapters Brothers and Sisters at his Memorial.
Raymond A. Rubenbauer (Ray Dawg? Connecticut) was my Father. Words alone cannot express the depth with which he will be missed. It was a beautiful tribute and an honor to meet the members who turned out. Thank you for everything!
I hope we'll run into each other on the road.


It is amazing what you have done. No asking permission. The way it should be. These other clubs bow to protocols that never existed back in the day. You have the right spirit. Never stop. If I ever join a club it will be one like you guys. One with real balls.

 Elaine Drace

Thank you ILMC Southwest for your kindness and generosity in remembrance of my husband (Raven's Stepfather), It has touched my heart and is greatly appreciated.


Much respect for what you all have done. Although I did not understand before I understand now

 James Harkins

I would like to thank the Peabody MA Chapter and their President Bentley for their continued support of the Peabody Police and all of our fundraising efforts. Once again they showed up in numbers to support our RAD program designed to empower women within our community in their desire to protect themselves. Thank you!! This is not the first department sponsored event that they have supported and I’m sure it won’t be the last.


I Am A Exmilitary And A American Legion Rider. I Am also A Retired Corrections Officer. I know most MC Hates A Guy Like Me. I Have Much Respect For This MC. I Do Feel like You ILMC Are My Brothers.

 Gary Allen

Watwardfew happy new year

 David Rowe

I wish all the Iron Legacy Nation a prosperous and healthy 2019
Grudge CP Warwick Bridge


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

 Rick "demonchyld" Davis

Met RECON today, from the BARDSTOWN, KY chapter; a stand up guy. RIDE SAFE; RIDE LONG. HILTH!

 Stephen "mcfly" Traffanstead


Brothers Keepers Mc Metroplex ch 22

 Grudge Cp Warwick Bridge

100 years since the end of The First World War. So brothers, have a minute of reflection for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and those brothers we have lost in various conflicts around the world since the. Brothers do not have to share a surname to be family

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