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Just want to say I'm glad I'm apart of the best damn Mc known to man. Love all my brother's and sisters.

 Irene Winter

The DANIELLE Holmes Yagjian foundation would like to thank the Iron LegacyMotorcycle Club for attending our motorcycle run, in her memory. With out your help we couldn’t do what we do for others fighting cancer. Please go to our website to see what we do and why we keep Danielle’s wish going. Hope to see you all again next year. thank you all


Just want to say I just got home from the Minnesota/ North Dakota patch in and it was a great event to have had the privilege attending. Just want to thank everyone for the great food and companionship. The Heatrs really took great care of us putting on a feast that was amazing. Big thanks to all the Nomads that came up for the event enjoyed talking with everyone. It is real nice to have Alliance Brothers closer to us and we already discussed rides for next year eh! Much love and respect Zonk Mettle Republic MC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

 Gerard Lemoine

As an ex-Police Officer, Marine Corps Veteran and ex- Prison " Life Skills Teacher" I am impressed with my first impression of your organization!
I meet three of your riders on the road over the years, and they were nothing but respectful to me both in and out of uniform!

Well Done1!

Keep up the good work.... time for me to go out for a ride to Globe Arizona before it gets to fregging hot outside!


I looking forward to checking your Louisville chapter out. With 2 of my best friends. We are sorry we couldnt get out to the party this past weekend. Again Love the sound of what you all stand for.


I would like to give a shout out to all those that are hurting in Texas it would be great if you guys can get a fundraiser bike rally going I would definitely join


I like what you stand for and understand the need for a direction change. I see you have a chapter in south Louisiana but do not have one in North Louisiana. Is there a chapter in the works here?

 Chaplain Dave


I observed one of your members riding thru Frankfort, Kentucky on Versailles Road on August 20, 2017, approximately 4:00 pm.

You have a nice website and I am looking forward hearing from you.


I prefer to remain anonymous for now. Izod i have some questions for you please shoot me an email.

Answer: Anonymous, your email address doesn't work


"The Iron Order decided to venture down a road that was never intended by it's founders," What did IOMC do ? Your website mentions this a lot but never says what it is. What did the IOMC do?

Answer: Robert, The IOMC changed from being a law abiding club to being a harder core 1% type club. They publically try to cling to their law abiding roots however the change the leaders made to the way the club runs and how it operates internally and externally conflicts totally with those roots. The Iron Order's actions have put them on the OMG list in many states, military bases, local communities, and the club world. They are recognized by law enforcement and the MC community as a club that emulates the outlaw 1% way of conducting it's business and the Iron Order leaders have embraced this mentality. Consequently they are embroiled in 3 wrongful death law suits for people they have killed. They have been involved in 11 shootings over the past 19 months and countless other violent confrontations with other clubs and the public. There is much more to what they did and do but you will have to research that. What is said here is factual public knowledge and is extensively documented in the biker community. It is because of all these changes that the leaders and members who follow those leaders founded the ILMC in 2015 to go back to being the law abiding club living by our founding principles. Thanks for asking. Hope this helps.


Thanks Big Rick!! Looking forward to opening up some opportunities in Montana. Can't wait to talk to more people!

 E. Corrigan

It's awesome to see a club holding to the old traditions here in Montana. I'd sure love to meet some and get to know them!

 Allen Cunningham

Is this an off shoot of the iron order?

Answer: We get asked this question from time to time but thankfully less and less as time goes on. Let me make this very clear. Not only NO.............but Hell NO! We state on this website in several spots that we have nothing to do with the Iron Order and will have nothing to do with that club. Three years ago they voted to change to become a "real MC" whatever that definition is. The result has been three years of violent confrontations and bad headlines. We are nothing like that. Thank you for asking so we have the opportunity to clear that up for you.

 Carol Barry

A pleasure to talk to a few members and see the appreciation and respect they show as a club. Ride Safe

 Warren Warnick

Just like to say I'm happy for you guys doing your own thing...and high to all the slower Delaware crew.. ride safe and keep the rubber side down...

2many for president

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