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 Timmy Jacob

Hey bro my name is Timmy Jacob, just wanna say hi and see how it is going my bro Cavman is in the KY club

 Esperanza Evans

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any chapters coming to Iowa- Des Moines? i'm interested .Thanks

 Dennis Berry

On my way home from work today, my wife and I saw a couple of your brothers on their baggers. Saw the Patch and when I got home I google your Mc. I like everything I read and what your club stands for. I am a husband, father of 4 boys. I am currently looking into buying another bike right now. I am interested in your club. I live here in Houston, Tx. Would like some more info on how to join your club. Thanks in advance for any troubles and God Bless.

 Bill Brabant

I saw one of your members riding in largo Fl. Had to look up the club, my respects to you all. What an awesome oath to live and rude by. Hope to see more of you cruising around in fl. Ride safe gents.

 Tommy Knight

Thanks for stopping by TNT Antiques where WALKING DEAD Bar Episode was filmed! Great bunch of gents and ladies! Hope ya'll enjoyed and had a
safe ride! Stop by anytime!!

 Anthony Currey

Hello, I was once an IOMC member but have since left their ranks. I left them on good terms but had to leave due to the new status they managed to find themselves on a list which would've caused my employment to be terminated. I loved what they started out to be and what the ILMC IZOD and the originals have tried to maintain. I am currently considering becoming ILMC and would like to know what the clubs position is on the IOMC?

Sincerely HighStick

Answer: Anthony, Our position on the IOMC is simply nothing. We have nothing to do with them, want nothing to do with them, and we have nothing for them. They have labeled us a hostile club. They have done nothing but have problems with every motorcycle club out there. So we take the high road and leave them to their own problems. We have no problems with other clubs and have gained respect of others by maintaining our original standards of HILTH and minding our own business. Hope this helps.

 Jesse Meyer

As a former member of IO I saddened to see the passing of Docfather. I never had the chance to meet him but did have a change to talk over email and enjoy his posts. The ILMC looks to be good brotherhood. Ride safe gentleman keep it rubber side down.


I seen a member here in Wichita ks,great guy,

 James (rev) Hatton

Just saying hello to you all, I'm a new member to the Iron Legacy Brotherhood.


This site is a great one I like it


Nice site.

 Chuck (gorilla) Hensley, Former Tkmc

Great web site. I admire what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

 Kevin Gamrat (diesel) Road Name

Just want to say high from another law abiding club I am with sons of Armageddon we stand for the same as you do I am out of Maine I see you don't have a chapter up here the closest is mass hope to run in to some of your brothers some day and say in person be safe and ride it hard

 Joe Secretary Road House Gang Bavarian Mc

Nice website
Joe Secretary Road House Gang Bavarian MC.
Former Member GMC El Paso

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