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 Elizabeth Murphy

I just wanted to thank the Billerica MA Chapter of the Iron Legacy MC for joining us at our 27th annual MV HOG Blessing of the Bikes. May your 2016 riding season be a safe one, and I look forward to seeing the ILMC again. You are always welcome!


Just wanted to show my support.your club really sets itself apart from the rest.your values are somthing most MCs lack and as a family man and a Harley lover I respect that.be safe out there brothers!

 Big Rick Original 8

Ride in peace good Brother Doc. You were there when we were few and the challenges were great. The mark you've left in building this club will be ever present for the remainder of our existence. We the remaining eight will remember you well to all that come our way ... what we wouldn't give for one more ride dear Brother.

 Joey Sparks

was lookin for someone around Leesburg Fla. To maybe meet and get to know you


I met some of your guys at the local watering hole. They were respectful and answered all my questions. It was good to hear you guys are not Iron Order. I liked everything I heard so I came on here to see what ya'll are about. Good stuff. Sounds like ya got yer shit together and have a good thing going. Congrats and good luck.


Doc, I miss you every day. No gas price report, no weather report, No one to argue with about life's little vicissitudes. Ride in peace my brother, we will ride again soon. Many talk about riding with a brother for years. You and I rode from L'ville to Washington State, from L'ville to Arizona, from L'ville to Massachusetts, from L'ville to Florida and along the way we froze our nuts off in the Rockies, we roasted our nuts off in the Southwest desserts, we drowned our nuts out-running a tornado in Oklahoma, frosted our nuts as the leaves changed in New England, sweated our nuts riding the beaches of Florida. We burned up tires, engines, and bikes. And all along the way we laughed, we cried, we argued, we hated and loved. There is a hole in my heart that will be there until we meet again my brother. Have a cigar ready and a cold beer. We'll sit on another rock like we did in the Yellowstone and smoke and talk and tell each stories of our own adventures that others will never believe but we know they're all true.

 Professor Original 8

Doc my Brother From another Mother. I am sorry we did not get to take that last ride. We will meet one day and go on that journey together. Much Love and Respect to all of the Brothers and Members from other clubs that came to show their respects. Izod and I will continue on, with the help of our brothers we will build this to be bigger and better, and your place has been solidified.

 Former Io Prospect

Would love to see a chapter in Greenville, South Carolina.



 Nomad Kingpin

Doc Father, You helped so many Brothers. You did weddings, funerals, and so much more.....You were a man with a great sense of humor. You always made me laugh. We will never forget you. Love and Respect Always.
Nomad Kingpin - Regional Director.
Iron Legacy MC


Just wanted to say sorry to hear about the passing of Docfather! Always enjoyed my interactions with his grouchyness!


RIP Docfather, A brother, a friend and a mentor.
He helped me when I was placed OIG


Who's your Daddy Doc, Doc father, the brother from French Lick Kentucky that kept me from going astray many times. I am not loved by our old friends , however, as with Killer, you will forever be my brother. SAK.


RIP Doc Father, I have major respect for you. Thank you for all you have done.
I-Man IOMC Retired


Doc, watch over us from above and be proud of what you helped build. You are a legend and helped make history with the Original 8. Give Copper our best regards and get our places ready at the HILTHon Inn. Until we ride again my brother, I will miss your cranky ass.

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